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CICERO Standard for MS Windows 95/98 & NT

Since 1991, Computers in Construction has set the highest of standards in the production and support of Estimating and Quantity Surveying Software. Our motivation to accomplish this is inspired by one simple ideal: to give our discerning customers the satisfaction of using the best and easiest to use software of its kind available today.

CIC have been at the heart of Estimating and Bill Production software for 14 years providing the easiest solution in electronic pricing available today. CICERO Standard is the solution to producing fast estimates and detailed Bills of Quantities. The relentless pursuit of perfection reflects our tradition of establishing new standards, not simply following them. This dedication to be the best has allowed us to attain a unique heritage of software excellence that stands a level above.

Our unique goal is to continuously exceed your expectations during your entire CICERO experience. Ours is an ongoing commitment to developing Estimating software of uncompromised technology and unrivalled customer service. In the words of Roman statesman and orator Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 B.C. - 43 B.C.) Ut smentem feceris ita metes, translated “as you sow so shall you reap”.

These words of wisdom are appropriate, particularly relating to the estimator’s duty to ensure that among other things, the tender is formulated accurately and arithmetically correct. Little can be done to recover from an incorrectly structured and or ill conceived tender. CICERO will provide the correct platform to allow margins to be secured and improved upon.

Ensuring that you reap the benefit is of paramount importance... for further information on CICERO or any of our products and services - drop us an E-Mail 

CICERO in brief ...

The software development phase of our Windows 95/98 software has been ongoing for some time and has taken on several forms before becoming the product now called CICERO Standard. Many of the new features contained within the program have been developed as the result of considerable in-house study and customer feedback. The visual impact of CICERO is similar to that of Windows 95/98 Explorer view which allows the user to browse the Tree View structure (through folders and files) and see all of the available Library or Schedule headings with the minimum of keystrokes or mouse clicks. Microsoft Windows of course, is much more mouse pointer orientated than MS-DOS and this is one of the strong features of CICERO Standard. The Bill Page is presented on screen and is substantially WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) and that the working view is on the Bill Page and not on an alien worksheet.

There are too many features of CICERO Standard to list here, but many functions have been incorporated which initially equal the functionality of QuickBRIX PLUS and go on to offer such options as to allow Main Contractors Discount on the complete schedule, increase or decrease the tender amount by a given percentage, powerful text, library and element search facilities and much, much more.

For Networking purposes, the program is governed by a Client Server based operation on any LAN (using IPX/SPX, TCP/IP or Single User Protocols) where the Server part of the program resides on a File Server machine and each Workstation accesses the File Server for instructions and Multiple User information. The result is a fast and extremely reliable platform allowing licenses (or seats) to be used and administered at will. Copy protection has been modified to exclude copy protection tokens and relies entirely upon the Client Server operation, consequently the failure or replacement of a Workstation will have no effect upon the operation of the program or data. Failure of the File server or any essential hardware component will require simply the reinstallation of the software and a telephone call to CIC to validate the Client server Software… making CICERO Standard simple to operate, reliable and an extremely versatile software package.

System Recommendations  : Intel Pentium II 266Mhz or faster / 64MB RAM / 6.4GB Hard Disk

Key Benefits

bulletCut Costs
bulletEasy Learning Curve
bulletFull 32 Bit Application
bulletFull Client Server Operation and Control


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CICERO Standard 


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